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How I quickly forgot the world I was told a long time ago. WEALTHY , YOU LOOK LIKE A DOLL BABY .👱 Those words built me……

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That sunny afternoon, when you use the road and your eyes are almost closed because of the harsh sun and yet a few back stir and laugh 😅 at you…….. YOU SHOULD REMEMBER THIS: YOUR BLACK IS GOLDEN  You deserve to be in a decent relationship, where you are loved and should be loved equally.…

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Be Bold

I don’t just do this for me, I do it for those who came before me, those who were abused and mistreated. Those who have had to live a life full of pain and pity, people, who live in their shadow because they live with ALBINISM. I do it for my generation who has been…

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A mental health disorder characterised by persistently pessimistic mood or loss of attention in activities, causing significant damage in daily life.Possible causes include a mixture of biological, psychological and social sources of distress. these factors may cause changes in brain function, including the altered activity of certain neural circuits in the brain. WHAT IS YOUR…

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WATCH THIS VIDEO! WHAT IS YOUR PERSPECTIVE ABOUT THE ALBINO PEOPLE?… Share with us…… Enjoyed this post? Then follow me on social media: Twitter Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn  @wealthywrite  Email me on amaraegbuwwealthy1234@gmail.com

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